The Lord led us to Woodbine Baptist Church eight years ago. It has been a great privilege for our family to serve the Living God in Woodbine. WBC is a great church that truly represents the spirit of fellowship. What I really enjoy here are the people. The diversity of ages, the depth of faith, and the sense of serving the Kingdom of God have made Woodbine a wonderful place in which to minister.

There are many words that can describe what it means to be "church."  Here at Woodbine, one of the most important words we use is the word, "family."  We believe through the love of our Lord Jesus that God has knit us together as one body. At Woodbine you will truly experience a sense of belonging.  We take very seriously the call to be brothers and sisters to one another.  We rejoice, cry, pray, serve, celebrate, and grow together in faith.  It is our goal to ensure that all who come under the ministry of our congregation will be included, loved, and nurtured. 

Let me invite you to plug-in to life here at Woodbine Baptist Church and discover what it means to be part of a family of faith.

- Brother Wiley